cancer - 30 Oct 2020

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  • Lucky color: Blue
  • Lucky gem: Natural Pearl
  • Lucky number: 1

You will find yourself extremely attractive to the opposite sex. Be cautious and watch out for fair- weather friends. Investments in art and property can be profitable today.

There’s a good phase for the Cancer-born folk in the offing. You make rapid strides professionally and your well-deserved success gives you a deep sense of satisfaction. There are some happy social occasions also lined up, so make the best of this good phase. Some exceptional gains are made emotionally too, as you bond well with children and receive affection from them. The only word of advice is, “Don’t be scared to be happy”.

The year 2020 is likely to bring mixed results for the Cancer born individuals. The initial part of the year may see you draw up ambitious plans regarding professional growth. You work quite sincerely on acquiring new skills and knowledge. You even help your subordinates or juniors in achieving their targets. Some of the Cancer born individuals may be transferred to a new department or location despite resistance. You are sensitive and find it difficult to handle unsympathetic remarks or unnecessary gossip. It is a period that requires you to work hard without expecting too much. Rewards and recognition will surely come but at a more favourable time. It is a period where your own health — physical as well as emotional — may need attention. Anxiety, digestive disorders, heart burn and lifestyle issues may be major concerns. There will be much more patience required in handling close interpersonal relationships. The key to resolution of conflicts is keeping communication lines open.