Powerful emotions on stage

Poignant portrayal

This play, directed by Martina van Boxen, was staged in association with Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan. The play was exclusively enacted for school children in the morning, before entertaining the general crowd in the evening. It reflected the perfect blend of music and stage performance. Michael Habelitz, a veteran theatre artiste handled the performance, transforming himself into various roles. Roderik Vanderstraeten, a young performer, juggled music as well as acting. Children from various schools across the City, were present and were seen enjoying the play which comprised music, comedy, painting and dance.

The play was the story of a father and a son. Troi, the son wants to experience life and venture out on an expedition against the will of his father.  He first arrives in a thick forest where he collects some seeds. Later, he comes across huge mountains and meets a giant. He helps that giant with its aching tooth and in return of his favour gets a diamond tooth. He also goes to the north pole and meets an Eskimo girl with whom he falls in love. Finally, he meets his father in the ocean and both return home. The father sells that diamond tooth and buys a house with a garden where he sows the seeds collected from the forest and gets colourful flowers. And they live happily.

All along the play, Michael Habelitz makes nice paintings on stage, depicting the plots of the play.

He was fairly quick in painting and his acumen in using colours and lines amazed those present. Roderik Vanderstraeten who makes brief appearances on stage impresses the audience with his swift movements and comic actions. “We have been performing this particular play for the last four years and each time we have been getting amazing responses wherever we go. We are on a 14-day tour of India. We have already staged this play at Chennai and got tremendous response. Bangalore is a nice place with excellent weather and people are very open to all forms of art,” said Michael Habelitz after staging the show for school kids.

Shreya Rajesh, a class one student at AECS Magnolia Maaruti Public School, enjoyed the play with her friends and said that she liked Michael Habelitz, the most. “I didn’t understand the plot completely. But I enjoyed Michael’s paintings, dance and his comic acts with Roderik. I have not seen such a play before. It was different and entertaining,” she said.

The festival is on till July 17 at Ranga Shankara.