virgo - 30 Oct 2020

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  • Lucky color: Chocolate
  • Lucky gem: Indigo
  • Lucky number: 4

Meetings and short trips could be successful. Good news about a sibling. Your ideas may be good, but they aren't necessarily right for everyone. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

The individuals born under this sign of the zodiac are likely to be brimming with confidence. It is a good time to take on things that have daunted you. You could be required to pitch in more time for work — a seminar, meeting or a conference could be on the cards. Students could fetch brilliant scores in exams. Young people, especially children, will bring joy and could even give you reason to celebrate. However, the buzzword for the week is ‘enterprise’ — you need to take initiative and get things going.

The individuals born under the sign of Virgo are likely to have mixed results during the year 2020. Work life is demanding and you may experience pressure from people holding positions of authority and power. There could be situations where you end up feeling trapped with dominating individuals and unable to make changes because of the responsibilities you shoulder. It is best to avoid any kind of arguments or confrontation. Financially there may also be sudden situations requiring you to opt for a loan or live more frugally. Virgos are generally prudent but may find this level of control quite bothersome. Do not get tied down in bad real estate deals. Do not go beyond a budget that is comfortable for you while considering a purchase or construction of a house. Excessive work pressure, fatigue and sometimes staying away from home for significant intervals may create differences. Individuals with problems related to heart health, diabetes or digestive issues must be especially careful.